“Search No More” by Katy Mantyk

Katy Mantyk is a New Zealand songbird now nesting in the mountains of New York.  Currently writing new music and creating a debut album, her sound may be described as cinematic-folk-pop.

The songstress’ “Let It Flow” was featured in award winning feature film, Siji: Driver, in 2017.

Her musical influences, to name just a few artists, include Nick Drake, Emmylou Harris, Ben Harper, Bob Dylan, The Staves, Joseph, The Civil Wars, Mandarin Orange, and New Zealand artists like Trinity Roots.

In the true folk spirit, she also sings at many human rights events, highlighting troubling social issues of our time, such as the persecution of Falun Gong.

What her fans say:

“Just wow. With hairs on end, wow!”

“Wow, this is a very serious song, seriously beautiful. I fell into a deep meditative trance and awoke with tears in my eyes. Thank-you so much. We have waited a long time, patiently, for your next work.”

“Such a wonderful work of music. Really remarkable.”

“I literally love that song! You have an amazing voice!”

“So beautiful…you are the real deal, I can see that, and hopefully with the right circumstances many others will too.”

“Love it. If I was going to put you in a category, it would definitely be folk-singer songwriter, in the style of Jewel without the relationship angst, Joan Baez without the political edge, and Joni Mitchell without the lyrical obscurity.”

“I am VERY glad you followed your heart! You have a real talent and a pure, untainted, natural style – I really look forward to hearing more of your music in the future!”

“This song is so beautiful it makes me cry. I’m so happy that you are making music Katy. Such a blessing.”