I fell into a deep meditative trance and awoke with tears in my eyes. Thank-you so much. We have waited a long time, patiently, for your next work.”



Katy Mantyk is a songbird from New Zealand, now nesting in the mountains of New York. Her sound is cinematic-folk-pop.

Katy has just released a new single 'Michelangelo', on June 18, 2021, following recently released singles 'Free As a Bird' and ‘Shooting Star’ building on the success of her debut single ’Search No More’ which came out on May 13, 2020. Her debut EP "From Dust to Gold" is set to release in 2021.

“I love the sound and style of artists like The Staves, First Aid Kit, Nick Drake, Penny & Sparrow, and The Civil Wars to name a few, but could never fail to mention classical composers like Bach and Mozart, artists like Maria Callas and Pavarotti, or the current artistic genius of Shen Yun’s orchestral music.”

Katy works intuitively and purposefully on her music, but that has come after many years of digging deep into philosophy and art to give herself the foundation she felt was needed. 

As a very shy girl, Katy taught herself guitar and piano. Instead of coming out as a performer, she studied Audio Engineering & Production. Songwriting was her secret escape. Her friends tried to draw her out once they heard her voice. But, being a person who fundamentally needed a deeper meaning to what she was doing, Katy decided she didn’t have the spiritual depth or understanding yet to create music of value.

Soon after learning the meditation practice, Falun Dafa cleared up her health problems, helped her overcome depression, and revealed insights into the nature of life and the universe that she’d always been hoping to find. 

“I’ve spent the majority of my adult life cultivating and meditating on Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance,” says Katy. Those studies also led her to understanding the divine nature of art.

“I have learned that the inner world of an artist profoundly affects the art they create, and that art in turn profoundly affects the person seeing or hearing it. As the saying goes, we are what we eat. Our minds and souls require even more respect.”

But Katy’s music career got put on ice. Instead she dedicated the next decade of her life to something that shocked her to the core. The Chinese Communist Party was locking up, torturing, and killing anyone who practiced Falun Dafa in China. “Over 70 million people were doing this meditation practice, and overnight they were targeted for elimination by the CCP.” Katy became a human rights activist, and moved to New York City to get more involved. 

But her heart's great wish was to record and share all the songs she has written. So, while juggling a family and a full time job, Katy squeezed out time to begin producing her album. “If nothing else comes of all this work, I’ve at least had a cosmic sized lesson in patience.” It’s been a long and slow process, one that she has questioned many times if it was worth it. 

“Almost every single time I got to that point of giving up and wondering if it was worth it, I would get a random message from someone, often I didn’t even know them, telling me how much my music means to them.”


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