Music is my calling, and there’s ringing in my ears

Hey! Hi. Here we are. I’m launching my long awaited music.

Music is my calling? But is it really the music calling me? No.
I’m pretty sure you called my heart eons ago, and I promised to come and sing for you in this life. I’ve realized the calling in my heart was you. My ears are ringing with the sounds of hearts aching, and minds lost in the dark, dense haze.

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life cultivating and meditating on Compassion, Truth, and Tolerance. I feel overwhelmed by the force driving me to create music and share it with as many people as possible. Music is divine. Music is a gift. I’m trying, truly, to create music that when you listen to it, when the vibrations enter your body and move you, when it travels the passages of your ears to your heart and soul, it gives you energy and a message you need to hear to help you in life.

I love you. I hope you stay with me on this journey! We have a lot to share. I promise I will always give you my heart and soul in my music. All I ask in return is that you accept it.
Love Katy xxoo

OR… if we need me to be more cool and normal…

I am currently working on production of a collection of songs, and will begin releasing them starting this year. It’s immensely wonderful and exciting. The universe has given me a wonderful producer, a music magician in England. My sound is Cinematic-Folk-Pop. If that sounds like it’d sound good to you, please follow me so you can listen as I send it out.